Humanitarian Aid to Lebanon Evacuations Continue

Sweden says it’s prepared to contribute disaster relief to Lebanon.

Foreign Aid Minister Carin Jämtin says the humanitarian situation in the country is very serious, especially in the south. According to United Nations sources there may be as many as 400,000 refugees.

Meanwhile, Swedish nationals continue to be evacuated from Lebanon, both on buses to neighboring Syria and by sea. Around 800 Swedes arrived in Cyprus on a Norwegian ship Wednesday morning. Another 188 have reached Turkey on a Swedish-chartered ferry. Around 1200 have begun boarding a chartered Greek ship in Beirut that is to take them to Cyprus.

Four planes with a total capacity of around 600 passengers are due to fly from Syria on Wednesday. The goal is that all Swedes who want to leave Lebanon will be evacuated by Friday.

Sweden’s largest telephone company, TeliaSonera, has announced that until Friday all mobile calls and SMS text messages from Lebanon to Sweden will be free.