Radio Sweden Thursday

Close to 5000 Swedes have now been evacuated from Lebanon as the fighting intensifies in the south. Chief co-ordinator of the Swedish evacuation on the ground - talks to us from Beirut

Last week the government announced plans to improve care for the elderly - we take a look at what it can be like growing old in Sweden.

Then in this month’s edition of Streettalk we leap from the streets of Stockholm - to the streets of New York to investigate a Scandinavian stronghold in the ”Big Apple”.

The large ferry that overnight transported some 1250 Swedes to Cyprus is returning to Beirut today. Azariah Kiros spoke to the chief coordinator for the evacuation in Beirut for the Swedish Rescue Services, Harald Sandberg:

At the Almedalen political event earlier this month, the ruling Social Democrats party said it was going to focus more on Sweden’s elderly. As Tom McAlinden reports, there are claims that the world would be shocked to hear how a lack of places in residential homes means many older people in Sweden are left to live out the end of their lives in solitude:

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