70 Lebanese Citizens Given Extended Visitor Permits

As a direct result of the conflict in the Middle East, all Lebanese citizens who are currently in Sweden on tourist visas will be given extended visitor permits.

Esperanca El Khoury Sadek is one of the people caught here on vacation. She told Swedish Radio News that she should have flown home three days ago.  She’s now staying with her brother in a Stockholm suburb and looks set to stay indefinitely. They’ve been keeping up to date with what’s happening back home in Beirut via satellite television.

It’s estimated that some 70 Lebanese citizens are currently in Sweden on tourist visas.

Meanwhile Swedes evacuated to Cyprus last night say rescue efforts in Beirut are chaotic at best. There are many reports of people becoming sick and fainting on the difficult journey out of Beirut. One elderly Swedish woman died Wednesday in a hospital in Larnaca.