Train manages to cross collapsing railway bridge

Torrential rain washed away a busy highway and a railway bridge in central Sweden Sunday, forcing a passenger train carrying 60 people to navigate the weakened tracks at 110 kilometers per hour. 

The train was on its way from Norway to Sweden when it approached the rail bridge. Given the speed it was traveling at, stopping was not an option and the train somehow made its way over the weakening tracks as the ground fell away below.  Before it was completely out of danger, it lost its grip and came off the tracks, skidding to a stop 300 meters later, with the tail end of the train hanging over the ravine.  No serious injuries were reported and rescue workers are at a loss to explain how the train managed to make it to relative safety.

The E14 is the main route between Sweden and Norway in the region and police are predicting traffic chaos over the next few weeks while repairs are carried out on the highway.