Trust Fund for Justice and Human Rights

Sweden (along with the other Nordic countries) has set up a trust fund for justice and human rights in the World Bank. The fund will support countries requesting assistance from the World Bank to strengthen their national efforts to respect human rights and enhance the justice system.

According to Minister for International Development Cooperation Carin Jämtin ”The World Bank must pay more attention to matters concerning human rights in the countries in which it operates and be able to respond to countries’ requests, this is why we are taking this initiative.” ”

The Minister added that ”The World Bank and the UN system must work more closely together on human rights issues.”

It is hoped that the World Bank will be better able to coordinate with the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, UNDP, UNICEF and UNIFEM.

Since 2004 Sweden, together with the Nordic and Baltic countries, has been urging the World Bank to take more account of issues concerning human rights in its partner countries and to help the countries that wish to improve respect for and realisation of all human rights and legal security.