Traffic Chaos Could Push a “Yes" Vote

While the test period for Stockholm’s controversial road tolls only came to an end Monday, experts are already saying that traffic chaos this Fall could lead to a ”yes” vote in Septembers referendum.

Because of heavy construction currently underway, and planned for the upcoming months, heavy traffic is expected in and around the capital at around the same time Stockholmers go to the polls to decide whether or not to make the tolls permanent.

According to a political scientist quoted in the daily Svenska Dagbladet, this could push people toward saying ”yes” to reintroducing the tolls.

The introduction of road tolls has been extremely controversial because Social Democratic Stockholm city mayor Annika Billström promised before the last election that she would not introduce them to the capital.

A few short weeks after winning the election Billström did a 360 and, along with her Left and Green allies, introduced plans to bring tolls to the city.

The referendum on whether to make the tolls permanent will be held on September 17th.