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European leaders try to put their differences aside to bring peace in Lebanon.

We’ll look at the growing anti-Western backlash in Turkey.

Is the ecosystem of the Baltic Sea on the verge of collapse?

And we’ll visit a medieval festival in the heart of Transylvania.


The conflict in Lebanon between Israel and Hezbollah, and the humanitarian crisis unfolding there, have caused widespread public consternation in Europe. But governments are divided over what should happen next. The EU is split between those who feel that Israel is largely to blame for the carnage …and those that feel the country is quite properly defending itself against terrorism.

The United Nations and the European Union may well turn to Turkey to participate in the formation of a peacekeeping force for southern Lebanon.

However, despite Turkey’s political importance the latest Eurobarometer survey indicates that almost half of all Europeans are against Turkey joining the European Union. There are however wide discrepancies between member states. More than 80 % of Austrians are hostile to Turkish EU membership, closely followed by over 60% of Germans and Luxembourgers, Cypriots and Greeks - while only 23 % in Spain are against the idea of Turks joining the Union. But how is the mood in Turkey and how do Turks feel about joining the European Union? It now seems support for EU membership is dwindling rapidly. For the first time, according to a recent Turkish poll, supporters of EU entry are now a minority. That’s a change from last year when Turkey was given a firm date to start accession talks and more than seventy per cent of Turks were in favor of joining. So why do Turks no longer see the EU as an attractive eldorado?

Scandinavian media has been awash with reports lately pointing to dooms day scenarios about the Baltic Sea. With the ever growing  problem of algae, mounting death of fish and risk of biological collapse - we’re constantly reminded that it’s simply a matter of time before the entire eco system falls apart. Last week the European Commission adopted a proposal to save cod stocks in the Baltic Sea and later this month the Baltic Sea Conference in  will host talks to discuss the excessive use of fertilizers and the types of pollution confronting the Baltic Sea.

Sigishoara a small town in the heart of Transylvania is one of Europe’s best preserved medieval fortresses attracting many tourists - especially during summer. The annual Medieval Festival is perhaps one of the best times to visit - and to enjoy three days of historic celebrations, open air theaters, folk concerts and knight parades.