Largest Evacuation Ever

According to the Foreign Ministry, the evacuation of Swedish citizens and Swedish residents from Lebanon is the largest ever.

As of this week more than 8,000 Swedish citizens and residents have received help in being evacuated from Lebanon to Sweden since the conflict in the region began.

More than 7,500 people have travelled on aircraft chartered by Sweden’s Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

By comparison, between 800 and 900 Swedes were evacuated in connection with the Cyprus crisis in 1974.

So far, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs has chartered 51 aircraft, three ships for shuttle services between Beirut and Cyprus, as well as some 15 buses for transport to Syria.

The Swedes who were in southern Lebanon south of the Litani River, and with whom the Ministry has had contact, have all now been able to leave the area.

According to Hans Dahlgren, State Secretary for Foreign Affairs ”as long there are Swedes remaining in Lebanon who want to be evacuated, Swedish efforts to help them will continue.”

Sweden has cooperated closely with the other Nordic nations, the EU countries and the UN, as well as with other organisations during the evacuation work.