Prime Minister Göran Persson

Social Democratic Manifesto Presented

Social Democrat Prime Minister Göran Persson unveiled spending pledges worth US $3.5 billion on Friday in an effort to extend his 10 years in office.

Persson told a news conference on the party’s manifesto for the September 17 election that if he won he would raise unemployment benefits and subsidies for child and dental care.

According to the manifesto: ”Welfare goes ahead of big tax cuts.”

In contrast to Persson, the opposition offers tax cuts of more than US $5 billion next year, which it says will encourage employment and reduce an over-dependence on welfare handouts.

The Social Democrats say their welfare vision benefits more people and gives people security, even if they lose their job.

As well as the welfare pledges, Persson repeated a government promise to freeze property taxes at current levels.

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