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Stockholm hit by Storm
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Radio Sweden Tuesday

Göran Persson tells Radio Sweden Tuesday about the possibility of sending Swedish troops to Lebanon.

The Columbian Embassy on fire, train tunnels flooded, pavements collapsing. Not a disaster movie, but Storm hit Stockholm on Monday.

And Edge takes a ride on a modernized blast from the past. From a horse-pulled tram to modern light rail, our technology magazine travels into the future.

Closing Music: Anna Ternheim ”Girl lying down”

Prime Minister Göran Persson is preparing to host an international donor conference with the main aim of helping reconstruct parts of Lebanon. He spoke to our reporter Azariah Kiros about the conference as well as the possibility of sending Swedish troops as part of a UN force in southern Lebanon:

Yesterday’s weather made history in Stockholm. The capital suffered one of its worst electrical rainstorms ever, flooding basements, stopping subway trains, and even setting fire to an embassy. Judi Milar has more:

Sometimes when you look into the future, you see the past. That’s what Gaby Katz discovers in this month’s edition of edge as streetcars revitalize modern cities:

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