Party Secretary Johan Jakobsson has stepped down

Senior Official of Sweden’s Liberal Party Steps Down

A senior official of Sweden’s Liberal Party (Folkpartiet) stepped down Tuesday, saying he should have done more to stop a youth-wing staffer from spying on the internal Web pages of the governing Social Democrats.

The alleged computer infringement dominated election coverage in Swedish media and was a big blow to the Liberals, part of a center-right coalition hoping to unseat Prime Minister Göran Persson’s Cabinet on September 17.

Party Secretary Johan Jakobsson announced he was resigning from his post immediately because he had not ”acted more forcefully” to stop a youth-wing official from entering the Social Democratic Party’s internal computer network with a stolen password.

The site contained strategies, schedules and security information for the ongoing election campaign. Persson, the Social Democratic premier, said the infringement had damaged his party’s campaign preparations.

Per Jodenius, the Liberal youth-wing official, was fired Monday after the Social Democrats filed a police complaint about the incident.

The Liberal Party leadership condemned his actions as it entered into damage control mode amid allegations of dirty campaign tactics.

The Liberals are the second biggest party in the center-right coalition, which polls show in a dead heat with a three-party bloc led by the Social Democrats. The latter have governed since 1994.

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