Radio Sweden Wednesday

Scandals and espionage.  The growing world of information technology has redefined the concept of security.  We take you to Sweden ICT Week, currently in full swing here in Stockholm.

We’ll be revisiting the woman who helped create a new cultural phenomenon.

And then later in the program,  it’s all about debt relief:  just over a year ago, the 8 most industrialized nations agreed on debt relief, but just how effective have their efforts proved to be?

Radio Sweden’s Gaby Katz has an inside look at what techonology experts are talking about this week here in Stockholm.

Debt relief has been on the lips of diplomats, politicians and rock stars for the past year..  But just how effective has debt relief been since the world’s most industrialized nations agreed to tackle the problem more than a year ago? 

Closing music: ’Play With Me’ (Lek med mig) – Mats Olin

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