Öresund Bridge

Öresund Bridge: 100 Million Travellers

The operators of the Öresund bridge between Denmark and southern Sweden say one hundred million travellers have used the link since it opened six years ago.

The record, based on statistical calculations, is believed to have been reached Sunday. In September some 60,000 people used the 15 kilometer bridge and tunnel system, either by road or rail.

Critics say the link would have been even more successful at uniting the region on the two sides of the Sound, had the operators not charged such high tolls. Motorists pay more than 40 dollars to drive across the bridge.

Meanwhile, the Mayor of Malmö, on the Swedish side of the link, has warned against a backlash against Danes who buy houses in Sweden, and continue to work and pay taxes in Denmark. Sweden gets compensation for commuters who pay taxes in Denmark, but that money goes to the Finance Ministry in Stockholm, and not to pay for municipal services in southern Sweden.

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