Radio Sweden Monday

The Nobel Prize season kicks off with the 2006 Medicine Prize! Andrew Z. Fire and Craig C. Mello were honoured for: ”their discovery of RNA interference - gene silencing by double-stranded RNA.”

Has it been La Dolce Vita for Anita Ekberg?  The diva of the silver screen opened the exhibition ”Anita of Sweden” for her 75th birthday.

That crackly distant sound coming over your shortwave radio, why do we love it so?  The Swedish DX Federation turns 50.

And if you’re getting behind the wheel – be prepared to get out your wallet.  ”Yes!” to congestion charges in the capital. 

Closing Music: Peter Jöback: Jag står för allt jag gjort

Harnessing the flow of genetic information gave two Americans the Nobel Prize in Medicine. Azariah Kiros was there when the announcement was made:

On now to a hot political potato: Congestion charges for Stockholm. With the center-right winning the election after campaigning for a NO on congestion charges this may be a case of Never Say Never. Radio Sweden’s Gaby Katz asked reporter Mark Cummins if this is the first big test of the new government:

Listen up all you shortwave enthusiasts out there! An historic meeting was held at Broadcasting House this weekend. On the agenda: some issues very close to our heart. Over to our Media Editor, George Wood: