Radio Sweden Tuesday

Radio Sweden goes Cosmic on Day Two of The Nobels.  

There’s News on an Illegal File Share Ruling from the Appeals Court.

And Chemical dumping at Sea and Chemicals in Food, find out more in this month’s edition of Greenscan.

Closing Music; Lars Gullin, ”Yesterdays”

The Nobel Physics Prize was announced today by the Royal Academy of Sciences. Our reporter Gaby Katz was at the academy for the announcement, and she can fill us in on this year’s laureates, John Mather of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland, and George Smoot of the University of California, Berkeley:

Every year the winners, usually Americans, are woken up in the middle of the night with the good news from the Academy. The second call is from Swedish public radio for the prize winners’ reactions. Here’s what our two winning physicists had to say, John Mather and first George Smoot:

Sweden’s first conviction for Internet file-sharing has been overturned. Mark Cummins has more:

Time now for this month’s edition of our environmental magazine ”Greenscan” with Azariah Kiros: