Nobel Literature Prize Announced October 12

The Swedish Academy announced on Friday that the winner of the 2006 Nobel Prize in literature will be announced on October 12th.

The secretive academy, which selects the winner of the prestigious award, has a tradition of keeping prize followers guessing, never revealing the date of the announcement until a few days before it is made.

The academy changed its procedures this year, saying it would reveal the announcement date - which is always a Thursday - on the Friday before it is made.

Previously, it had waited until the Tuesday before the announcement to reveal the date.

In a brief statement on its Web site, the academy said the name of the winner would be revealed on Thursday, October 12th at 1 P.M. Central European Time.

The Swedish Academy also recruited two writers to fill its ranks, replacing two members who died in 2006. The new members are poet and playwright Kristina Lugn and poet and literary critic Jesper Svenbro