Radio Sweden Monday

Another Nobel Economics Laureate is born:

Edmund S. Phelps
Columbia University, NY, USA

“for his analysis of intertemporal tradeoffs in macroeconomic policy”

Genius or provocation? Plenty of viewpoints over the weekend on Sweden’s new government.

And Sweden’s new Foreign Minister added his voice to international condemnation of North Korea’s nuclear testing.

Religious classics to romantic ballads in today’s Spectrum of the Arts as Bill Schiller brings us some Swedish folk music.

Closing Music: Christian Falk Feat. Pauline: Shine

American Edmund S. Phelps won the 2006 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences on Monday for his analysis of short-run and long-run trade offs in macroeconomic policy. Our reporter Dave Russell is at the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences:

Sweden’s Foreign Minister Carl Bildt has added his voice to international condemnation of North Korea’s nuclear bomb test. He told our reporter Azariah Kiros that the act was intended to provoke the international community:

Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt presented his government at the end of last week and the newspapers have been a-titter since. Mark Cummins leafs through the papers for us:

In Spectrum of the Arts Bill Schiller meets a Swedish folk trio promoting their latest CD. Chatting to them in a Stockholm concert hall, he finds out how past and present passions inspire their songs which range from religious classics to romantic ballads: