In English: Motörhead's Mikkey Dee planned Bataclan visit

10 min

Mikkey Dee, Motörhead's Swedish drummer, had planned to visit the club Bataclan, Friday night when it was hit by terrorists who killed 100.

– It's horrible. One can't find words, Mikkey Dee says.

– My colleague and I were supposed to go down (to the club) and meet the crew and have a night out in Paris. But I fell asleep, took a nap, and it got late, so we decided to not do it, Mikkey Dee says in an intervju in radio show P4 Extra.

Once he did wake up and they were thinking about going, news reached them it was unsafe on the streets.

– We thought it was a single incident. We got information that we shouldn't be out on the streets. so we waited, thinking that we could get moving an hour later or so. But then it escalated something unbelievably...

Mikkey Dee and his friends in Motörhead are very familiar with the club Bataclan and it's surroundings. 

– One doens't understand that it's true. We've played at Bataclan several times in the 90's, so we know the club really well. It's horrible. I can't find words.

Mikkey Dee planned to go to the club and see the bands playing there Friday night. That the club was targeted and and at that particular time feels somewhat random. It could just as well had been Motörhead's concert Sunday night, Dee says.

– One kind of feels as a target. Of course you try not to think about it. But it's obvious one is in the threat scenario. It could just as well have been our concert that was the target.

That all entertainment events in Paris and maybe other parts of France most likely are cancelled doesn't come as a surprise. It would be hard to enter a stage to entertain people, Mikkey Dee says.

– In one way you want to continue as if nothing had happened. But how entertained would you be? There must be a respect for what you should do and what you shouldn't.  If people had wanted us to play, we would have. But I don't think it's appropriate, and it would have created yet another threat situation, another target, Mikkey Dee says.

Translation: Jesper Cedererg