The Saturday Show 1967-1981

The Radio Sweden Saturday Show was born one rainy Saturday night back in 1967. In the dungeon laboratories of (what later became, briefly) Radio Sweden International, Dr. Roger Wallis was hard at work, dressed in his usual blood-splattered white coat.

A bat knocked over the wrong tune and - Presto! The Saturday Show was born!

With help from Sydney Coulson and, from 1968, 13 years of hindrance from Kim Loughran, the Saturday Show became one of the top entertainment programs ever on short wave, second only to the annual potato crop statistics from some unidentified central European station.

Over the years other voices joined in: Jonny Mair, George Wood, Fanny Francke and a cast of several others whose names have been withheld to protect the guilty. The whole mess was put together by an ace team of sound technician engineer people, including Göran the Giant, Luvan, and Bengt ”Flash” Gorton.

Here are excerpts from the Saturday Show cassette issued as the program went off the air in 1981:

The Saturday Show Record (Pre-1975)

Alice in Swedenland

While just about everything else was written by Kim and Roger, the Alice in Swedenland sketches were written by George Wood.