Swedish Radio/Radio Sweden Changes in the Schedule for 2006

The official press release:
The Swedish Radio Board of Directors has, in connection with the regular language review, determined which languages SR International will broadcast during 2006. The decision means:
• Radio Sweden will broadcast in Swedish, English, German, Russian, and Belarusian
• Programmes in the immigrant languages Kurdish and Assyrian/Aramaic, as well as the minority language Romany will be relayed as part of the Radio Sweden schedule, on short and medium wave
• Broadcasts in Estonian and Latvian will end

With the this decision the board is following its previously declared intention that broadcasts abroad shall focus on promoting the development of democratic processes in the world on one hand (Russian/Belarusian) and providing information and service in a few languages (English, German, Swedish) on the other hand.
The decision to continue, and to some extent expand, broadcasts in these languages, technical developments have also been taken into account, that is, Radio Sweden’s international cooperation in digital techniques, DRM (Digital Radio Mondiale), as well as podcasting of the major languages, English and German.
Relays of Kurdish, Assyrian/Aramaic, and Romany on short and medium wave are in line with our duty to provide cultural and linguistic support to ethnic groups and minorities without states of their own. Those departments will during the year produce special programmes for an audience abroad.
The board’s decision that broadcasting in Estonian and Latvian shall end is based on changes in the geo-political situation in Europe. The language departments which were started in 1998 have had an obligation to contribute to the development of democracy in the Baltic republics after their liberation.
For more information:
Kerstin Brunnberg, Programme Director SR
Tel: +46(0)70 598-5017 or +468 784 5000

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