Sweden Democrat Website (after the removal of the controversial cartoon)

Website Closed After Mohammed Cartoon Posted

A Swedish Internet service provider has shut down the website of an extreme right wing anti-immigrant party after authorities voiced concerns a cartoon of the Prophet Mohammed posted on the site.

ISP Levonline shut down the Sweden Democrat website late Thursday following discussions with both the foreign ministry and the National Security Police.

However, Foreign Minister Laila Freivalds denies that any pressure was put on Levonline. She tells Swedish Radio News that the decision to close the Sweden Democrat site was made by Levonline itself after the authorities pointed out what the consequences of continued publication of the cartoon in question might be for Sweden.

As Radio Sweden reported on Thursday - the party’s publication SD-Kuriren started a competition on its website on January 10 for drawings of Mohammed just as criticism of the Danish publication of satirical cartoons of the Moslem prophet last September was beginning to swell.

The site has returned from a different ISP, but without the controversial drawing. In a press release on the party’s website the party says it pulled the drawing after considering the consequences for Swedes living in the Moslem world.

The Sweden Democrats are often labelled as racist and neo-Nazi.

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