New Ways to Listen Digitally

A number of new kinds of devices have appeared or are about to be introduced which allow listening to Radio Sweden.

Richard Coughlin has written to us about the AE , a plug and play device which links to any Wi-Fi network and to stream both live and listen again Internet radio. It can handle the Real, MP3, and WMA formats, and can play music stored on a PC or Mac.

Richard describes it as ”a real gem” but says that the database of more than 100 stations in Sweden (and more than 4000 worldwide) doesn’t seem to include Radio Sweden.

Looking through the list, I suspect we are in fact the station called ”Radio Sweden Virtual North” which was one of the initial names for our website in the mid-90’s.

The Swedish-language, Silicon Valley-based blog ”” writes about the the  as ”The Computer of the Future”. This small (5.5 inches x 3.1 inches x 0.70 inches) device also links up to a Wi-Fi connection to permit web browsing, e-mail, instant messages, and access to audio and video over the Internet.

The audio formats include Real, MP3, and WMA. Video formats include AVI, H.263, MPEG-1, MPEG-4, and Real Video.The device uses a touchscreen.

For those who are looking forward to digital shortwave, DRM is upon us. According to the DRM roll-out schedule, receivers were supposed to be in stores by Christmas 2006. Sangean has announced its  receiver will be launched in Europe in October. It is also supposed to include analog AM shortwave, FM, and DAB, and can play MP3 files.