Swedish DX Federation 50 Years

This past weekend, Broadcasting House here in Stockholm hosted an historic meeting, which took up some issues important to us here at Radio Sweden about the future of what we do.

The Swedish DX Federation brings together all the clubs for shortwave listeners here in Sweden. It was organized exactly 50 years about by the late Arne Skoog, who for many years edited Radio Sweden’s programs for shortwave listeners. In honor of Arne they held their 50th anniversary meeting right here at Radio Sweden.

Some 80 active shortwave listeners took part, in a program that started with a panel discussion on the future of radio, and continued with tours of Broadcasting House, dinner, talks on various aspects of radio listening and a special auction.

Media Editor George Wood talked to two of the organizers, Bengt Dalhammar and Claes Englund, about why anyone would prefer listening to crackly distant signals on the shortwave: