Kaliningrad, formerly Köningsberg

Nazi Broadcasts to Sweden During World War II

A new book reveals that during the Second World War Nazi Germany broadcast propaganda programs to Sweden, from Radio Köningsberg.

Like many international broadcasters, Radio Sweden started in the months before World War II. Now, the new book ”Tyskland Talar” (”Germany Speaks”) by Niclas Sennerteg, describes Germany’s broadcasts in Swedish from Köningsberg, which after the war became the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad.

Around 30 Swedes with Nazi sympathies worked for the station, trying to change pro-ally sympathies in Sweden.

Swedish Radio News says hundreds of thousands of Swedes, roughly ten percent of the population, could hear the medium wave broadcasts from Radio Köningsberg. Programming included Nazi-slanted news, as well as anti-Semitic propaganda.

Niclas Sennerteg says the influence of Radio Köningsberg has been underrated by researchers.

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