Our channels

Swedish Radio P1 - the talk channel
P1 is the SR talk radio channel for in-depth news analysis, current affairs and debate. It also serves as a forum for drama and documentaries and other programmes covering the arts, the sciences and social and philosophical issues.

Swedish Radio P2 - Classicla music and ethnic languages
P2 broadcasts classical and contemporary music as well as jazz and folk music. Educational programmes and immigrant and minority language programmes are carried 5 hours a day. Languages: Arabic, English, Kurdish, Farsi, Somali, Romani, Finnish and Sami.

Swedish Radio P3 - for the younger audience
P3 targets a younger audience with pop music, news, cultural and social programmes, 24 hours a day. Entertainment is a major element. P3 aims to involve young people in current social issues. The channel also plays a lot of new – mainly Swedish – music by non-established artists.

Swedish Radio P4 - Local radio, news and sports
P4 comprises 25 local stations, and is Sweden’s most popular radio channel. P4 focuses on providing news and information via an integrated system of local, national and international news and current affairs. P4 has a special responsibility for promoting local culture and music. P4 plays contemporary popular music for an adult audience.

Radio Sweden P6
A local Stockholm channel broadcasting a mix of music and immigrant and minority language programmes. During late nights, P6 also broadcasts programmes from the BBC World Service.

Din Gata
Malmö’s local channel for a younger audience. Strong, young, local personalities discuss politics, love and everyday life. The music is a mix of hip hop and hits.

A local channel for a global Stockholm and a global audience. Always together with you!

P2 Musik
Classical music, jazz and folk music around the clock. The P2 channel with music only, on the Internet and as an FM channel in the Stockholm area.

P2 Klassiskt
Classical music around the clock. A selection of 500 years of outstanding classical hits as well as lesser known music.

SR Minnen
SR Minnen broadcasts gems from the Swedish Radio archive: culture, documentaries and entertainment.

Radioapans Knattekanal
Sweden’s first children’s music radio channel online from 6 am to 8 pm.

P3 Star
A young music channel that plays hit music around the clock.

P2 Världen
A mix of world music: bossa, blues, fado, chanson, reggae, jazz, flamenco, country, bhangra, raï – the sky’s the limit.

A 24 hour web channel in Sami.

The digital Finnish speaking channel (in Finnish and Meänkieli 16 hours per day) broadcasts news and current affairs, culture programmes and music.