Radio on many platforms

The broadcast environment has evolved dramatically in a relatively short space of time. New and emerging media platforms have changed the concept of radio. Swedish Radio delivers content that people can listen to wherever and whenever they want.

Sweden has four nationwide FM networks. P1, P2 and P3 cover the whole country. P4 is divided into 25 networks serving our local stations. Together these form the nationwide P4 network. There are also three city channels available online and via FM (SR Metropol and P6 89,6 in Stockholm and Din Gata 100.6 in Malmö). Regular services are transmitted via 63 major and 115 smaller FM stations. Static RDS is transmitted via all FM transmitters.

On the internet
Swedish Radio streams over 40 channels via Besides FM channels, there are some ten web-only channels.

Almost all our programmes, news, weather reports, traffic, comedy, are available on demand on the web for 30 days following the original FM broadcast.

In addition, the audience has access to all games in the top division of the Swedish football league and hockey tournaments, as well as numerous other events.

The website is responsive, meaning it adapts to the device our visitors use.

In your smart phone
The mobile application "Sveriges Radio Play" is available for iPhone and Android. It gives you access to live online radio and a wide array of podcasts.

Swedish Radio offers a large number of podcasts. You can download files to your computer and transfer them to an MP3 player and/or mobile phone. The service is free of charge and the programmes contain no copyrighted material.

DAB, Digital Audio Broadcasting
Swedish Radio broadcasts on DAB in four citites, reaching 35% of the population. With seven digital channels and an "event channel" for special events such as big sports competitions, Swedish Radio offers the audience music and programmes that are not available on FM (the channels are also available online and in mobile phones).

Swedish Radio's external service programmes in English are also transmitted via satellite.