SR Media Development Office (SR MDO)

Supporting free and independent media with a passion for public service media!

SR MDO works on behalf of Swedish Radio with international media development. We draw on the expertise and knowledge of Swedish Public service media as a whole (including Swedish Radio, Swedish Television and Educational Radio and Television). Our aim is to strengthen democracy by providing support to free and independent media around the world and with a specific focus on what we do and know best: public service media.

Working closely with partners in low and middle income countries, we contribute to enhancing professional capacities. Our services cover a broad range of support to organisational development, from strategic work and mentoring at management level to on-the-job-training at operational level, always in the service of the public.

We also support partners in developing initiatives and tools in the area of Media and Information Literacy. The work we undertake is financed exclusively through external funds, mainly from development cooperation agencies.

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Mattias Lundgren, Acting Director
Mattias Lundgren works as an enterprise architect at Swedish Radio. He has a background as a devoted development leader and has over 10 years of experience running complex development projects at Sveriges Radio and in the media sphere. Since 2014 Mattias is involved in SR MDO's different international projects.
For more information about possible cooperation opportunities with SR MDO, please contact 

Eva Thoren, Controller
Eva Thoren is an economist and has worked at Swedish Radio for more than 30 years. Eva has a broad experience from Swedish Radio as an economist and  controller working at different departments and units. Since 1996 she has the position as controller at SR MDO.

Anna Nyström, Project Manager
Anna Nyström is a journalist with more than 30 years’ experience in radio and print media in Sweden and abroad. She is a renowned Swedish Radio reporter and presenter, as well as an educator, coach and project coordinator with well documented leadership skills from a variety of media development projects. She has a Master´s degree in Global Journalism and teaches journalism on a university level. For more information about our current work in Rwanda, please contact

Pernilla Jonsson, Project Manager
Pernilla Jonsson is a Project Manager by profession. She has more than 20 years of experience of leading large development programs and projects in Radio, TV and printed media. Pernilla has a Bachelor degree in Media and Communication and is a certified Change Manager. She is also a teacher in the Project Management discipline. Since 2012 Pernilla has worked for SR MDO in different international projects. For more information about our current work in Ukraine, please contact

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