Konsten att bli publicerad....

Peter, är en kille som ringde in till programmet angående livs önskningar...eller kanske snarare vad man önskar ur/av livet.

i alla fall... peter skriver en bok.... och han vill bli publicerad... så jag tänkte, jag kan ju hooka honom med en liten tjänst och lägga upp ett smakprov för er att läsa...

klicka vidare för att se peters text.

Tjenare Ehsan.
I ställer för att skriva något nytt så skickar jag ett litet urplock från min bok. Det är skrivet på engelska, tyvärr så hittade jag inte min svenska version på datorn. (Finns på en av mina gamla)

Jason woke by shouting in the hallway. He got to his feet and in the light from the moon, he saw that Crimson was already by the door with her sword in hand. She turned to Jason. “Sounds like trouble. Grab your sword and follow me.” Jason reached for his sword and gun before following Crimson out of the room.

He saw people running out from their rooms and up and down the stairs. Crimson was ahead of him and she made her way down the stairs. She stopped and turned to Jason. “Take the top floor and see what’s wrong. Jason nodded and rushed towards the stairs. His sword was vibrating even more and he heard a soft voice speaking to him. He couldn’t hear what it said, but somehow it made him fell relaxed.

He took the stairs three steps at a time and he had to press himself against the wall to prevent from being forced back down by the people trying to get out of the tavern. He heard a growl coming from one of the rooms and soon the door crashed outwards as a man had been hurled at it. After the man came a creature that Jason never seen before. It was about almost eight feet tall and hairy. It was swinging a large club which it crushed the man’s head with. The creature turned to Jason and howled.

The face had a big nose and there were fangs in its mouth. The creature rushed Jason and the voice in his head spoke louder. The smell from the creature made Jason’s stomach turn. Jason was still unable to make out the words. He had no time to think about it as the creature had almost reached him. Jason sidestepped a blow from the club and he swung the sword. The creatures’ head was separated from its body and it fell to the ground.
As the sword passed through the neck a white light blinded Jason for a second and the voice shouted in his head. He felt how the sword sent tingles up his arm and all sounds disappeared. Another creature came crashing out from a room and Jason felt how he was drawn towards it. It was like he wasn’t in control of his body, but rather was seeing himself from a safe distance.

He swung the sword again and the creature fell to the floor. Jason broke down the door in one of the rooms and saw how two creatures had made their way into the room. The two patrons were covering in the corner and one of the creatures made its way towards them. It didn’t have any time to react before Jason killed it. The second creature swung its club and Jason backed away. He spun around and kicked the creature in the head. One of its fangs broke loose and landed on the floor. The blow knocked the creature back and Jason rushed it and kicked it in the chest. The creature fell out the window and from the screams below it brought at least another one with it to the ground. Jason turned to the two patrons and shouted to them. He then rushed back into the hallway and killed another of the creatures with little hesitation.

Every time his sword drew blood the voice in his head shrieked. Jason was aware of what he was doing, but it was like the sword had taken over his body. He crashed into a room at the end and saw how two soldiers were trying to keep three creatures away from the princess. As they heard the door break down one of the soldiers turned around. He was struck down by one of the creatures and Jason rushed in and swiftly removed the arm of the creature before he separated its head from its body. The other soldier tried to keep the remaining two at bay, but it was evident that he was scared. He tripped on the blood on the floor and fell backwards. Jason swung his sword and killed one of the creatures. The last one swung his club and hit Jason over the arm. He felt it go limb and he dropped the sword. The blow threw him towards the wall, and there was a last shriek from the voice before the sword dropped.

The creature was standing over him with the club over its head. Jason aimed his gun and pulled the trigger. The bullet hit the creature in the eye, and the force snapped the head backwards. The creature fell and Jason got to his feet. The soldier who had fallen got to his feet and looked at Jason and the weapon in his hand. Jason looked at the princess and saw that she was terrified. He rushed over to her and pulled her to her feet. He turned to the soldier and showed her into his arms. “She is not safe here. Stay behind me and protect her with your life.” Jason walked over to the sword and hesitated about picking it up. There was no doubt about it being magical, but it had helped him fight these creatures. Jason shook his head and grabbed the hilt.

The voice in his head returned and there was a sound of delight. This time it seemed different. Jason felt that he was in control and he made his way out of the room. They made their way down the stairs and soon reached the ground floor. Everywhere Jason looked he saw creatures attacking patrons and soldiers. Crimson was over by one of the walls and she tried to prevent the creatures to come in through the window. Another creature came up behind her and was about to hit her over the head. Jason aimed and pulled the trigger. The bullet hit the creature in the neck and it fell to the floor clutching the wound. The sound of the gun made everyone turn to Jason and the creatures rushed him. He hissed to the soldier behind him to stay back. Jason stood by the foot of the stairs and shot two of the creatures as they rushed him. The other kept rushing him and he had to take a step back to avoid the club. He pulled the trigger again and another of the creatures fell to the floor. He heard a scream from the stairs and he quickly glanced over his shoulder. Two more creatures were rushing down the stairs and the soldier put himself between them and the princess. Jason turned around towards the creatures that rushed him and one of the grabbed him by the arm.

Jason kicked out and was pulled down. He lost his gun and the stench from the creature made him feel sick. He ran the sword through the creatures’ abdomen and rolled to his side. Two of the creatures rushed passed him and towards the princess. Jason swung out with his sword and removed the leg from one of them. It fell towards the other and they crashed into the wall. Jason got to his feet and rushed the stairs. The soldier had fallen from a blow to the head and the two from the stairs rushed towards the princess. Jason shrieked and pointed the sword at the one closest. A blue streak flew from the tip and struck the creature in the chest. It flew backwards as its body was engulfed in blue flames. Jason swung out and the creature that tried to reach the princess lost its head. Jason rushed the stairs and grabbed hold of the princess. She had a look of terror on her face and didn’t do anything. Jason grabbed her by the waist and threw her over his shoulder. He saw Jordan by the door with some of his soldiers trying to keep the monsters out. They were fighting a loosing battle. The patrons were fighting by the windows but the creatures were to many and to strong.

Crimson came up to Jason and wiped some blood from her face. Jason showed the princess in her arms and pushed them towards a corner away from any windows or doors. “Keep her safe.” He said before running towards the door. He helped the soldiers fight back the creatures and another blue streak flew out from the sword and another creature fell. They managed to get the door closed and Jason rushed to the nearest window to help the patrons there. Jordan rushed over to Crimson and helped her keep the creatures at bay. The voice in Jason’s head started to sing and if Jason’s didn’t know better he would say that the voice enjoyed the carnage. Jason struck one of the creatures in the eye with the sword and as it fell backwards Jason fell through the window. He heard a scream from inside and thought he recognized Crimson’s voice. Jason rolled on the ground and got to his feet. Everywhere he looked he saw the same creatures swarming the tavern and him. He knew he couldn’t kill them all, and the voice in his head seemed to agree with him. Jason swung out with the sword and two more fell to the ground. Suddenly the sword started to glow bright blue and the voice in his head gave him a command.

With all his might he drove the sword deep into the ground and the blue glow passed through the hilt of the sword and through his body. The effect made the creatures hesitate in attacking him and soon his body was engulfed in blue light. It felt cold to the skin, but it didn’t hurt him. The glow started to expand from his body and suddenly it shot outward. Jason heard the creatures scream in agony and the ground shook. Suddenly the glow disappeared and the voice in his head silenced. Jason opened his eyes and looked around. All over the ground he saw smoldering corpses of the creatures and the buildings close to him had been charred. The sword had returned to its soft vibrating and Jason feel to his knees. He was exhausted but managed to get to his feet. He heard fighting from inside the tavern and Jason made his way towards one of the windows. He saw how the last of the creatures was killed and Jason climbed inside. He collapsed on the bench and the sword fell from his hands. He wiped the sweat from his head and his hand came away covered with blood.

He became aware of the pain in his arm from the blow. He opened his eyes and looked around the room. Crimson was running towards him and Jordan examined the princess. He rallied the soldiers and the few that were still alive stumbled over to him. “How do you feel?” Jason looked at Crimson and saw a worried look on her face. “I’m ok. How’s the princess?” Crimson glanced at the princess before she answered. “Frighten, but alive. I don’t think she is wounded, but it will probably take some time before she will get rid of the nightmares.” Jason nodded. “What kind of creatures was that, anyway?” Crimson looked at Jason with surprise. “Haven’t you seen ogres before?” Jason shook his head. “Not to many of them where I come from.” Crimson picked up the sword and examined it. Jason looked at it and saw that there was no blood on it. It looked liked it just had been polished and not in a battle. Jason saw that one of the symbols was glowing faintly and he took the sword from Crimson.

He examined it and the symbol seemed to be alive. As Jason looked at the sword a new symbol emerged on the blade, and Jason felt a burning pain in his hand. He dropped the sword and examined the palm of his hand. The same symbol that was on the blade, had been burned into his palm. It glowed faintly and the pain subsided. Jason looked at Crimson who looked at his hand. “Seems that the sword had made you its new owner.” Jason looked at the symbol in his hand and even if he didn’t hold the sword, he could faintly hear the voice in his head. “What do you mean, made me its owner?” “The sword is magical and from what I have seen very powerful. I have heard of weapons of such power before and only a few have survived its use I battle. I don’t know where you got it and who made it, but its magic is strong and the symbols on the hilt tell which magic that is imbedded in it. The symbols on the blade must be from the previous owners. Just like the new symbol is now in your hand as well, it says that you are its’ owner.”

Jason picked up the sword again and examined the hilt. The symbols were unknown to him, but somehow they looked familiar. “What happened to the previous owners?” “They are probably dead by now. The sword is both a curse and a blessing. Since it recognize you as its’ owner it can’t be used against you.” “So what is the curse?” Crimson averted her eyes from Jason and looked towards the rest of the room. She said something that Jason didn’t hear. “What?” Crimson turned back to Jason and there was sadness in her face. “The sword will eventually kill you. It is a part of you now, and you can’t get rid of it. Selling it or throwing it away will be impossible. It will find its way back to you.” “I have no intention to get rid of it. It saved my life and will probably do it again.” Crimson nodded. “True. But know this. The sword is powerful, and if you don’t control it, it will control you. Slowly taking you over until you are no more. There is no telling what you will become, but most likely you will succumb to the evil in the sword.” “What makes you so sure its evil? It did attack the ogres.” “I know, but it will draw its power from you as well as strengthen you. You have proven to be a good man and hopefully the sword will inherit your kindness.”

Jason didn’t respond and he saw Jordan walking over to them. He sat down on the other side of the table and he had something in his hand. “Are you two ok?” They both nodded and Jordan placed the object on the table. Jason saw that it was his gun. “I have never seen a weapon like this before, or a sword like that.” He pointed to Jason’s sword before he continued. “I don’t know who you are or where you came from, but you are not a blacksmith. You saved a lot of lives here tonight and one of them was the princess’. The kingdom owes you a great deal of gratitude. I’m sure that his highness will reward you handsomely for what you have done here.” Jason reached for his gun and looked at Jordan. “No reward is necessary. I fought as much for my own life as for anyone else. Is the princess ok?” Jordan nodded. “A couple of bruises, but nothing to serious.” “Good.” Jason got to his feet and turned to Jordan. “If you excuse me I will return to bed. It has been a long day and the fight have drained me.” He turned to Crimson. “I take the bed this time.” Crimson nodded. “I will be up shortly.” Jason walked towards the stairs and made his way to his room. The people he meet on the way backed away from him. He entered the room and put the sword back in its’ sheath. He washed of the blood from his face and body before he collapsed on the bed.


ok.... vad tycker DU?
jag har inte läst så mycket fantasy...eller snarare jag har nog aldrig läst fantasy, så jag har svårt att jämföra.

Det var lite VÄL blodigt ibland för min smak, men jag gillar hjälte historier... sen kan jag sakna sarkasm, men det kanske man inte har i fantasy böcker...

vad tycker du?

// e

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