Wikileaks: Lawyers to look into Swedish source protection

The website Wikileaks will look at the guarantees it makes of strong Swedish legal source protection for those submitting information to the site holds force. 

The information comes after Swedish public service radio show Medierna published information questioning the legal situation of Wikileaks. 

According to Swedish lawyers, including the acting Chancellor of Justice, unequivocal claims that Wikileaks' sources are covered by Swedish source protection is too far-reaching. 

The strong constitutional protection given to sources is typically only given to traditional media outlets or to Swedish web sites that have been registered with a government office.

It may also cover certain other Swedish web sites, but the legal situation is uncertain. Wikileaks have a Swedish IP-number and certain servers in Sweden but from other aspects, it is not evident that it is a Swedish outlet. 

In an e-mail Friday in response to questions to Julian Assange of Wikileaks about this legal situation, it is indicated that Wikileaks will let the lawyers look into the matter again.

Below is the full text of the e-mail, sent to Medierna from Wikileaks' office e-mail Friday: 

"I understand that foreign sources to swedish publications and swedish sources to foreign publications that are distributed in sweden are covered but we'd have to get the lawers to look again..."

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