forts. EM-Länderna

Grupp A
Portugal: ”Still Searching For India”
Tjeckien: ”Where People Go To Say They’ve Been”
Schweiz: ”Neutral... Too Neutral”
Turkiet: ”Totally Out Of This Atlas Section (Asia) As Soon As The EU Accepts Them”

Grupp B
Österrike: ”Birthplace Of Classical Muzak”
Kroatien: ”Where All Roads Lead To Serious Injury”
Polen: ”Rotate Page 360 Degrees To Read”
Tyskland: ”Genocide-Free Since April 11, 1946”

Grupp C
Frankrike: ”One Nation Above God”
Italien: ”What Are You Looking At?”
Rumänien: ”Bram Stoker’s Romania”
Holland: ”Where Everything Is Legal”

Grupp D
Sverige: ”Noble Prize Winner For Great Cheekbones”
Spanien: ”Enjoying A Three-Century Siesta”
Ryssland: ”Where Russians Are Sent To Die”
Grekland: ”2 500 Years Past Its Prime”

(9 april)
Richard Henriksson