Daniel Velasco och Danile Öhman tar emot Prix Europa. Foto: Sveriges Radio
Daniel Velasco och Danile Öhman tar emot Prix Europa. Foto: Sveriges Radio
Press release 2017-10-21

Swedish Radio documentary The KGB agent and the smuggling of oil wins Prix Europa

The revelation that the top echelon of the political leadership in Belarus, including president Viktor Lukashenko, supported illegal oil-smuggling to Europe was not only big news in Sweden. It also had considerable impact internationally, which was acknowledged on Friday night by the Prix Europa jury.

A former KGB agent from Belarus came forward to tell the Swedish Radio’s investigative reporters Daniel Öhman, Daniel Velasco and freelance journalist Per Shapiro the story of how the most senior political figures in the country were involved in the smuggling of petroleum products. After months of research, the journalists managed to confirm that the documents were genuine. The research also showed that the petroleum products that were smuggled out of the country were bought by the notorious, Swedish-owned, oil trading company, the Gunvor Group.

– We can not overlook the fact that there is a dictatorship in Europe where opposition is being imprisoned and with a corruption that is allowed to continue, says Daniel Öhman.

– The competition in the documentary section has probably never been tougher and we are very proud to achieve this award, says Daniel Velasco.

Listen to the full documentary.

Read the press release (from May 2017)

Photograph: Daniel Velasco and Daniel Öhman receiving the Prix Europa (PHOTO: Prix Europa)
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