Texten till rallylåten 2006

Rock the hill (Hedman/Hedman)

Temperature rising - now the race is on
they’ll try to follow - but soon I’ll be gone
Chasing the seconds, no one wants to be still
Up from the start - it’s all going downhill!

Now I’m deep in the forest - and pushed into a crowd
I can’t hear what I think, cause it’s all so loud
I freeze my butt off eating soup from a tin
and all I get to see is someone else win

It’s time to join the rally
it is time not to worry
so step on the gas
we say better fast than sorry
Feel the rush as we pass the crowd
It’s time to win, time to make them proud
Sing with me now, if you will
We’re gonna rock the hill

Hear the cheering, hear the engines roar
We give all we got, but the crowd wants more
All they can see are passing tires and hoods
and smoke behind us, as we rush through the woods

I have walked for hours, walked through mud and snow
Hoping for adventure, and expecting a show
But standing at the back, all I ever got to see
was a little old lady spilling her tea!

It’s time to join the rally...

Now I’ve found a spot where noone else is around
The problem is, there’s not a car to be found
Maybe they’ve all gone up another creek
I won’t sit here and wait - more than a week

It’s time to join the rally...

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