Cilla Benkö, Director General Swedish Radio PHOTO: Björn Dalin/SR
Cilla Benkö, Director General Swedish Radio PHOTO: Björn Dalin/SR

Cilla Benkö on digital radio: “It’s high time politicians make their minds up”

PRESS RELEASE - DECEMBER 1st 2014. Today, Monday, the Swedish government’s digital radio coordinator, Nina Wormbs, handed over her study into the transition from FM to Digital Audio Broadcasting to the minister for culture and democracy, Alice Bah Kuhnke.

“It’s high time politicians make a final decision on this. The radio industry is united in agreeing that terrestrial radio must be digitized,” Swedish Radio’s director general, Cilla Benkö, says.

Nina Wormbs suggests that public-service broadcaster Swedish Radio and commercial radio should launch digital terrestrial radio in Sweden in January 2017. According to Wormbs’ roadmap, the entire Swedish radio industry could leave FM by 2022, provided certain conditions are met by 2020.

“Swedish Radio is one of the most significant broadcasting corporations in Europe when it comes to creating content that has social impact. Swedish Radio plays a crucial role in a well-functioning democracy. Moreover, Sweden’s ambition is to be a leading IT-nation. In order to live up to these goals, we must see this crucial infrastructure project realised. Swedish Radio must get the resources necessary for a successful investment - and that is a decisions only politicians can make,” Benkö says.

“We are also investing in developing our smartphone content. There is no contradiction between the need for a digital terrestrial network and strong digital, mobile content. The terrestrial network makes it possible to reach the entire Swedish population, to provide them with important information and to ensure the public has access to radio without having to pay extra fees to operators and suppliers. This means equal conditions for everyone. In addition, digital terrestrial radio would bring added value to the audience by offering more channels and greater diversity,” Benkö says.

Mats Åkerlund, Digital Radio Coordinator at Swedish Radio:

Grunden i vår journalistik är trovärdighet och opartiskhet. Sveriges Radio är oberoende i förhållande till politiska, religiösa, ekonomiska, offentliga och privata särintressen.
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