Swedish Radio apologizes for question to the Israeli ambassador

Israel’s ambassador to Sweden, Mr. Isaac Bachman, was interviewed on Swedish Radio’s flagship current affairs program Studio Ett on Tuesday February 17th.

Mr. Bachman spoke with insight about the reasons behind today’s growing anti-Semitism, but he was asked a question about whether or not Jews bear any responsibility for today’s animosity against them.

We unreservedly apologize for the question. It is misleading and imposes guilt upon both individuals and a vulnerable group. The Jewish community has been subjected to terrible terror and has our full sympathy and support.

We apologized on behalf of the editorial staff of Studio Ett live on air at the end of yesterday’s broadcast. The talk show host has also apologized to Mr. Bachman personally.

We have since been asked whether the interview with Mr. Bachman has been saved. Here is a clarification on the matter:

We have chosen to publish an edited version of the interview on our web. This is an unusual measure, but we do not wish to contribute to the offensive audio being spread further.

The original broadcast has been stored in accordance with our regular routines, which means that it is available at the National Library of Sweden. We are currently investigating this matter, which we take very seriously. We see it as the entire editorial staff’s responsibility.

All Swedish Radio News managers have met today to discuss what happened. We are now meticulously overseeing our editorial routines. We are doing everything to avoid the possibility of repeating something like this in the future.

Anne Lagercrantz, head of Swedish Radio News

Klas Wolf-Watz, head of current affairs programs P1-morgon and Studio Ett

Magnus Westberg, producer at Studio Ett


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