Nick Noble

Day Off in Smogen

Well for the first time this year, we had a day off without rain or snow. Not wanting to let the clear skies and moderate warmth go to waste, we decided to head to Smogen and have a look around. However, I am pretty sure that the four of us were the only ones with that plan, as Smogen still had the look of an abandoned fishing town. Michael Thomas, his mother, Andreas Lind, and myself spent a few hours out on the coast admiring the rocky coastline. Truly something beautiful and new to us Americans over here. Maybe not something new to Andreas, but he's considered an American amongst us anyway ;).

During the day, we met up with former LSK goalkeeper and resident of Smogen, Andreas Samuelsson. I was glad to hear he is doing well, and we certainly miss him at LSK. Him and I became good friends and teammates last year. I wish him nothing but the best in his his future and very promising career.

The stores were still closed, the cafes were unoccupied, and the streets were desolate. But we were determined to make the most of our 40 minute drive. So what did we do? Bought some shoes of course. We found the one store open, a bargain shoe store. We each bought a pair and considered our day a success. I found a nice pair of some plaid, casual walking shoes, that you will most definitely see me donning in the streets of Uddevalla.

In my opinion, dealing with all the off time is the most difficult aspect about being a professional athlete. So if you have an ideas and suggestion, please feel free to give them.

(Översättning kommer..)

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