Bayer Crop Science svarar skriftligt på kritiken

A number of factors are responsible for the bee mortality - this is the predominating opinion of bee experts and authorities around the world. The findings of the available studies conclude that the bee problems are attributable to a variety of causes including, for example, bee diseases, parasitic infestation (in particular by the varroa mite), extreme environmental and climatic factors, but also agricultural and bee-keeping practices. The hypothesis, that crop protection agents, when used correctly, could play a direct or indirect role in bee deaths has not been confirmed.

Bayer CropScience only distributes crop protection products which have been granted regulatory approval by the authorities in the countries concerned, which are safe when used responsibly and as intended, and which pose no risk to either people or the environment. This applies to Gaucho and Poncho from the group of neonicotinoid active ingredients as well.

During the course of the registration procedure, Bayer Crop Science submitted comprehensive documentation for assessment of its products. We are convinced that sustainable agriculture relies on the pollination services provided by bees and wild insects, but also requires crop protection agents. Therefore, Bayer Crop Science supports research and development that helps to overcome the challenge of safeguarding the food supply with sustainable agriculture and apiculture.

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