Thomas Furlong. Director, Site Operations, Facebook.
27 okt: Chatta med Facebook

Chatt med Tom Furlong, director of site operations på Facebook

Vad innebär Facebooks serverhallsetablering i Luleå? Luleås kommunalråd Karl Petersen (S) säger att detta är den största enskilda investeringen i Luleå sedan stålverket bildades 1940 och att det är början på en helt ny industriera för hela regionen, som kommer bli en nod för datatrafik i hela världen. Läs chatten här med Thomas Furlong, Facebooks director of site operations.


Välkomna till chatten med Facebooks ansvarige för satsningen i Luleå, Tom Furlong. Ställ era frågor på engelska.

18:59, 27 oktober 2011

Fredrik: Who is the architect for the project? Are there any conceptual images of the completed structures? What are the technical specifications of the buildings in terms of ventilation, power consumtion and ventilation?

Tom Furlong, Facebook:

The building design is based on the Open Compute Project specifications. You can find it at the website.

19:02, 27 oktober 2011

Thomas: Hi Tom! How meny people do you estimate will work at your new server room in Luleå when it’s completed? Will much of the work be done in Luleå or remote from USA?

Tom Furlong, Facebook:

We estimate 30 to 50 to support the initial building. We have highly automated repair systems for the servers, but you still need people to physically install, upgrade and repair the servers.

19:04, 27 oktober 2011

Christel: The new establishment in Luleå will consume a huge amount of water and energy. Have you considered the environmentally harmful aspects of the project?

Tom Furlong, Facebook: We believe that the energy efficiency of our datacenter and server is state of the art and is a key aspect of our desire for environmental sustainability.

19:06, 27 oktober 2011

lassek: Hej Tom, how many sites like the one in lileå are u planning?

Tom Furlong, Facebook: We have two others in the US, in Oregon and North Carolina. The Luleå site is designed to grow as Facebook's need require.

19:07, 27 oktober 2011

Chris Farley: How do you feel about the money that was granted from EU and the government? Like 15 million dollars. Do you really need them? Don’t you make enough money on facebook?

Tom Furlong, Facebook: All governments used some type of incentive to encourage development in areas of importance for them. This helps identify locations which might otherwise have been overlooked. It is not the only factor which drives our decision. We look at about 50 different factors, both quantitatie and qualitative.

19:09, 27 oktober 2011

Annika Mayer: Hi Tom, I don't have a question, I just want to welcome you to Sweden and Norrbotten, it's best part;). Or, wait, I DO have a question; are there any amercans coming over to work in Luleå?

Tom Furlong, Facebook: There will certainly be an exchange between our teams in the US and the team we create here. The exact staffing plan has not yet been finalized.

19:10, 27 oktober 2011

Sara: How often do you have to replace your servers?

Tom Furlong, Facebook:

Most servers last about 3 years, sometines 4 or even 5 if the technology is sufficient to support the software running on them.

19:11, 27 oktober 2011

Fester: If you require even more capacity of these server halls in Luleå - and will have to expand - do you have enough area capacity - in the Luleå area then?

Tom Furlong, Facebook:

Yes, this site should support three full buildings. We have only announced the first.

19:11, 27 oktober 2011

Frederic: How many places like this one in Luleå do you allready have in the world?

Tom Furlong, Facebook: Two in the US, in Prineville, Oregon, and in Forest City, North Carolina.

19:12, 27 oktober 2011

Anders S.: Hi! How many people will be working with the facebook servers in Luleå? Will it bring work opportunities for locals/swedes or is it already in-business 'Facebook-peolpe' that will work there? Have a nice evening, from Anders in Linköping

Tom Furlong, Facebook: We definitely desire to hire locally wherever possible. As we have no existing datacenters in Europe, most of the positions we new.

19:14, 27 oktober 2011

Kjell Öström: Congratulations to a perfect choise of location. based on a correct assessment of Luleå competitive advantage, something we over the years have been working hard at marketing nationwide and internationally. Now, what other complementary activities should we promote in order to consolidate a high-tech cluster in Luleå and Norrbotten? Kjell Öström, former Director of Planning for the Norrbotten Province, undertook a study on a new technical university in Luleå in 1969

Tom Furlong, Facebook: Thank you. We hope that our presence will shine a light on Luleä and its potential. We have found in other regions that this type of investment does make people pay attention and consider the region favorably.

19:15, 27 oktober 2011

50 reasons...: I read in an earlier answer from you that there were about 50 different factors to have in mind before you chose Luleå... Can you name the five or ten most important factors?

Tom Furlong, Facebook: Availability of power, resiliancy of the utilty grid, availability of network, business climate, talented employees, cool climate, etc.

19:17, 27 oktober 2011

Welcome to Sweden: Welcome to Sweden! There are many Facebook fans here. How many user accounts will be stored in the new data center? Users in all of the European countries? Ps. Why not establish a data center in Kiruna? Here we have even colder climate! ;-)

Tom Furlong, Facebook: We don't have an exact number for users, but most European users would benefit from his facility. I think all you users in Kiruna we see better performance.

19:19, 27 oktober 2011

Daniel Löfstedt: Hello Thomas, I understand that the low energyprice in Luleå is one of the reasons why you establish in Luleå. Tell us more about why you cause of the energyprice picked Luleå in front of other places around the whole world. How is your reasoning?

Tom Furlong, Facebook: Energy prices are generally lower near the source of supply. It is expensive to tranship energy over distance, so clearly we want to be as close to the supply as possible.

19:20, 27 oktober 2011

Facebookare: Is it possible to Fccebook will build more server rooms in Luleå in the future

Tom Furlong, Facebook: We will continue to expand as business needs dictate. One of the major benefits of having a large site is that we can make this decision on a much shorter time frame than if we had to go out and find an entirely new location.

19:22, 27 oktober 2011

Google: Hi! I heard that Google chose Finland for a similar type of investment. Do they know something that you don't? Or is it the othe way around?

Tom Furlong, Facebook: Google is clearly a leader in the industry. That said, all companies have unique business issues and for us, this is the right answer.

19:23, 27 oktober 2011

Moderator: Nu är det bara fem minuter kvar på chatten, men några frågor till hinner Tom Furlong med, så fortsätt ställ era frågor!

19:24, 27 oktober 2011

Pär Jönsson: What was the determing reason that Facebook choose Luleå instead of Östersund as the locattion?

Tom Furlong, Facebook:

There isn't a single factor. Both were great options. We are very appreciative of the efforts that the community of Östersund put into their proposal. In the end we felt Luleä was right for us.

19:25, 27 oktober 2011

Vilma: Hello! Will you be living in Sweden now? How do you like Luleå?

Tom Furlong, Facebook:

I have global responsbilities and will stay in California. I have made four trips to Luleä and over a dozen to Sweden. I like the area very much.

19:27, 27 oktober 2011

Karl: Hi Tom, when the data center will be opening? I mean, the real building? thanks Karl

Tom Furlong, Facebook: The facility should begin operations in April or May of 2013.

19:28, 27 oktober 2011

Lule Hockey!: Will Facebook sponsor the local Hockey Team? PLEASE DO! ;)

Tom Furlong, Facebook: We love hockey, go San Jose Sharks. We will keep this under advisement.

19:29, 27 oktober 2011

Moderator: Nu är chatten med Tom Furlong slut. Tack för era frågor!

19:31, 27 oktober 2011

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