Båtflyktingarnas nödrop till svenska myndigheter

Läs de syriska kvinnornas brev till de svenska myndigheterna.


We are Syrian refugee women, detained by the Egyptian authorities in Alexandria police stations after our boat sank on our way to the European shores on Thursday 10th of October, 2013. We had been able to make it thanks to the fishermen who saved us after struggling in the sea for a whole four hours. Then, we were handed over to the Egyptian Navy that transferred us in the next day to the public prosecutor, and we were investigated for a whole nine hours. Though a decision of releasing us was issued, we are detained at Alexandria police stations; Karmous and Dekheila.

We call for the Government of Sweden and its people to help us after a deportation decision for the survived refugees detained at Dekheila police station was made. We are afraid to face the same deportation decision, as we lost our passports and identification papers at the sea, and if we are to be deported to Lebanon, we will imprisoned and then submitted to the Syrian authorities after 48 hours, and the unjust Syrian authorities will slaughter our children, torture our youths and rape our women.

From our prison in Alexandria, we appeal to the Swedish Government, Human Rights defenders and the United Nations to save us from a certain death in the Syrian prisons. And if you fail to save 150 people, then you will be equivalent to the unjust regime of Bashar Al-Assad. Moreover, your false claims to be advocating freedom, democracy and human rights will be revealed before your people.

We call for your humanity and seek recourse to your country. And if you cannot rescue us, then damn your freedom, human rights and damn the United Nations that is unable to help a few people who are in real danger. Submitting us to the Syrian regime, would be a sacrifice we'll take as our death would be a spark for your people revolute against your regime.

Here we have broken the barrier of silence and fear, and we shall only tell the truth, and we will continue to strive to achieve freedom, justice, and our children will continue our journey and will sue all who allowed our bloods to be shed.

We demand people of Sweden and the EU not to forget us or our children who fled from death to death. And we call for their governments to provide us with refuge; we want security, freedom and democracy.

Nesreen Al-Ashmar

Alexandria on 17th of October, 2013