English: Sweden to introduce border controls

1:36 min

Starting Thursday at noon Sweden will introduce temporary border controls. The controls will be implemented for the next ten days, with the possibility of a six month extension.

– The Swedish Migration Agency has said that they have safety concerns. They are worried that they cannot uphold a secure and reliable asylum reception. We have said all along that the agency assessments are important for the government, and now the agency points to this and that is why we've made this decision," says Prime Minister, Stefan Löfven.

There seems to have been some panic leading up to the decision... 

– We have had a good dialogue with the relevant authorities, who make the best assessments. And when the Swedish Migration Agency provides us with these signals then we have to act. So tomorrow we’ll make the formal decision to introduce temporary border controls, starting at noon.

What effects do you expect?

– That order is restored in the asylum reception system, that is what's most important. We have to know who´s coming here in a better way than we do today.

Are you counting on the number of asylum seekers to decline now?

– That’s impossible for me to say since there are so many factors involved in the flow of refugees, but the reception of asylum seekers has to be done in an orderly fashion, that’s important.

What kind of signal does this send to other countries?

– That we want order. We will introduce border controls, and will also introduce ID-checks on passenger ferries to better understand who’s arriving, says prime minister Stefan Löfven.