Özer Eken och Turkiets premiärminister Binali Yıldırım
Özer Eken tillsammans med sin vän Binali Yıldırım, även känd som Turkiets premiärminister.

Turkey recruits informers in Sweden

Turkey maps dissidents in Sweden who sympathize with the Gülen movement in. The embassy, imams at turkish mosques and the AKP party are involved. A friend of the Turkish primeminister, AKP member Özer Eken actively tries to recruit informers in Sweden. This is revealed in a hidden recording:

Turkey maps dissidents in Sweden who sympathize with the Gülen movement in. The embassy, imams at turkish mosques and the AKP party are all involved. A friend of the Turkish prime minister, AKP member Özer Eken, actively tries to recruit informers in Sweden. This is revealed in a hidden recording:

– If you help the state, the state will help you, says Özer Oak in the recording, obtained by the swedish radio from an anonymous source. 

Özer Eken who claims to be a personal friend of Prime Minister  Binali Yildirim is the chairman of the ruling party lobbying organization in Sweden UETD. In  the conversation, he tries to recruit a Swede with ties to the Gülen Movement, we can call him Murat, as informer for Turkey.

Turkish President Recep Tayip Erdogan has accused the religious Gülen movement to be the culprits for last year's failed coup. More than 100 000 people have been arrested or fired. Many have fled to other countries in Sweden.  Özer Eken wants help to find those hiding in Sweden.

– Brother, they will want to have access to all activity going on here. If you do not give them something concrete, you are finished.

 In the recording the two men are discussing the fact that Murats name has been reported on a list of dissidents or “traitors” as they are called in Turkey, which means that he will be arrested if he travels to Turkey. That also includes his wife according to Özer Eken. Murats wife is not active in the movement

--Do you know what they will do? They will arrest your wife in order to force you to Turkey. The woman is completely innocent. They will arrest her only to get to you, says Eken.

--They will hold her hostage? Murat asks. 

--Exactly they will take her hostage and wait for you to arrive, says Özer Eken.

 Özer Eken offers to help Murat to get his name of the list, but in return he wants information about the Gülenmovement in Sweden and political refugees who he suspects are seeking asylum in Sweden. He suggests names of important people who used two work in the Turkish judiciary.

--If you have concrete information on these and can expose them. You can take advantage of the repentance law. I will take it directly to the Prime Minister.

When we confront Özer Eken, with the recording he says it's not him talking.

--It’s not me

– But that is not true. The call goes to Özer Eken phone and we have been able to prove that it is indeed he who is speaking in the recording.

This is not an isolated case. According to our sources other people working for the Turkish state in Sweden are involved in the mapping of government critics. This inludes the Turkish embassy in Stockholm and imams working in Turkish mosques in Sweden.

Most of our sources wish to talk under the promise of anonymity but Emre Oguz, a former Turkish journalist, now working as a teacher in the south of Sweden chose to speak openly:

– The Imams (who are paid by the presidency of religious affiars, Diyanet) must report about people who go to the mosque. I know that. I've talked to imams before the coup attempt. It was a special task for them. Imams who do not want to report are themseleves reported. So now all imams follow directives from Turkey.

But after the coup, the reports have changed.

– After the coup the reports became more detailed and focused on all opposition groups. And now they write about people directly. For example, who is Emre, what does he do, who works with Emre.

 Moreover, the consequences of getting into one of these reports are getting worse

– Previously nor Ankara nor the Diyanet used to do anything on the basis of these reports, but now they are doing many things. For example, if there is a report about you and you go to Turkey. They can arrest you right when you land.

Emre Oguz is convinced that he is on one of the lists of traitors who do that he would be arrested if he returned to Turkey.

– Yes absolutely. People close to the AKP says it directly to me. They say they reported me to the embassy. If I go to Turkey, I am sure that they will arrest me and I will not be able to come back to Sweden.

For him, the consequences have been severe. He has received several threats.

Even the Turkish embassy in Stockholm participate in the mapping of dissidents in Sweden. People who call the Turkish presidencys informant number in Ankara are directed to leave information at the embassy, who will then forward it to Turkey.

 According to the Swedish secret service it may well be a crime if a foreign power like Turkey maps people in Sweden on the basis of their political views.

  – That's what we call illegal intelligence activities. If you meet all the conditions in that section, says Lisa Simonsson

 Is it ok to seek up a Swedish citizen and ask him to inform on people within political groupings in Sweden?

 – No, you are not allowed to do that.

 If I say that today that this activity takes place today in Sweden from the Turkish side. What would you say?

 – Then I say that this is interesting information and we are happy to look into in order to be able to say if there is criminal activity or if it is something that we otherwise should work proactively with.


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