Sixty-Four Minutes With Rebecka by Ingmar Bergman

World premiere! A unique script by Ingmar Bergman. First-ever run! Director: Suzanne Osten

Sixty-four Minutes With Rebecka is a fragment from a project that was fully planned but never eventually realized. Ingmar Bergman, Federico Fellini and Akira Kurosawa wanted to film an anthology together with each director contributing one short film. Bergman's script from 1969 was kept among his notebooks in the archives of the Ingmar Bergman Foundation. Before Sixty-Four Minutes With Rebecka, the script has neither been staged nor published.  

The script centers around Rebecka, a teacher working at an institute for people with hearing impairments. One day Rebecka discovers that she is an outsider, trapped in her own restricted self. The audience follows her through some intense days, including car crashes, sex clubs, dress fittings and prisons. Through this journey Rebecka questions the existential value of love, work and religion. All of these experiences are reflected in her student, Anna, who both cannot hear and whose provocative actions refuse to censor her feelings.

Bergman's work in this play is clearly influenced by the political currents of the late 1960's  – the plot involves strikes, abuse of power and hedonistic orgies in the wake of the sexual revolution. One can see in this remarkable script the precursors to key elements in Bergman's later works, Scenes From A Marriage and Autumn Sonata.

Actors: Rebecka – Frida Österberg, David - Johan Holmberg, Anna - Rebecca Drammeh, Gerda Schaub - Maria Sundbom, The Pianist– Thérèse Brunnander, The Friend– Hulda Johannsdottìr, Bettina Lualdi – Maria Johansson Josephsson, Valentina – David Arnesen, Pim – Simon Norrthon, The Priest– David Arnesen, The Seamstress – Ann-Sofie Bárány, The New Teacher – Inga-Lena Aigner.

Music by: Anders Niska performed on grand piano by Karin Hagman.
"Annas song", written and perfomed by Niki&the Dove.

Sound: Lena Samuelsson. Music Recording: Jan Waldenmark. Stage Manager: Sven Philip. Producer: Henrietta Hultén.

Interpretor for hearing impaired actor: Inga-Lena Aigner

Script development for radio: Magnus Lindman (dramaturge) and Suzanne Osten. 
Director: Suzanne Osten.

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