Linnéa Frimodig och Mohammad Marwa
Our reporters Linnéa Frimodig and Mohammad Marwa. Foto: Sally Eriksson / Sveriges Radio

Frequently asked questions – Södra Ryd project

Every Tuesday until the end of the year P4 Skaraborg is setting up a news room in Södra Ryd in Skövde. Our reporters will be on site to report about issues that are important to our listeners and to the people how live and work in Södra Ryd.

Why are you broadcasting from Södra Ryd?
New technology is making it possible for us to broadcast from other places outside of the studio. That’s something we would like to take advantage of and that is the reason we are starting a news room in Södra Ryd.

The Swedish public radio has a duty to represent all of society, with a focus on equality and diversity. We want to find the stories and meet the people who traditionally have not been represented in the media. We think we will meet our goals best by being present in, for example, Södra Ryd to enable a new audience to get to know us – and we them.  

Södra Ryd is an area in Skövde, inhabited by approximately 6 000 inhabitants, with almost all government agencies represented – e.g schools and a health center. We believe that our presence will enable us to get a better understanding of what is important to the people who live in Södra Ryd and better tell those stories.  

This is a way for us to meet people who normally have no contact with the Swedish public radio and make them aware of us and to reach a new audience.

Why did you not choose another city/area in Skaraborg?
Each day we go to different parts of Skaraborg to interview and meet people for our news stories. We also broadcast frequently from other places other than Skövde. For this initiative we chose Södra Ryd but the next time we might do a similar initiative somewhere else in Skaraborg.

If you have any suggestions on things that are happening where you live, send us an email at: 

Who is involved in the project?
Our reporters Linnéa Frimodig and Mohammad Marwa.

How do you contact us?
Send an email to our reporters!

Linnéa Frimodig:

Mohammad Marwa:

Facebook: Search for P4 Skaraborg

Instagram: @p4skaraborg_

How long is the project running?
Our reporters will be on site in Södra Ryd every Tuesday – and perhaps even more days of the week. The project will be running until the end of the year. We set this timeline for now but it is possible that the project will run for longer.

Where came we meet you in Södra Ryd?
We will be at different locations each time so if you see us you can just contact us directly. Occationately we will be based in at the library in Södra Ryd.

If you do not speak Swedish?
Our reporter Mohammed Marwa speaks Arabic, Swedish and English.

What is the project going to lead to?
Live broadcasts, news reports, interviews and much more each week.

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