Syria ceasefire, Homeless during the cold snap, Olympic curlers, Fun in the buff

23 min

Sweden co-drafted the resolution for a UN ceasefire in Syria, but it's not working. Protecting homeless from sub-zero temperatures. Olympic gold medalists share curling tips. Sauna in a polar vortex.

Sweden's Foreign Minister Margot Wallström answers questions about what's gone wrong after the UN Security Council voted to pass a ceasefire resolution, drafted by Sweden and Kuwait, for Syria. 

We follow along as a church opens its doors for homeless people when the temperature drops too low, so they don't have to sleep in the freezing cold.

Hear about the new head of the Swedish Security Service.

Two Olympians from the Swedish curling team, Anna Hasselborg and Agnes Knochenhauer, back from Pyeongchang, come to the studio to show off their gold medals - and we challenge them to a game of tabletop curling.

And hear about what it's like to go to the sauna during a polar vortex - and run around naked outdoors to jump in the water.