Swedish PM in the White House, Lay judge controversy, gruesome murder trial

29 min

Sweden's prime minister Stefan Löfven had a two hour meeting with U.S President Donald Trump this week. He was the first EU leader to meet the President in the White House since he announced punitive tariffs on steel and aluminium. We have analysis of what was said.

Also, Sweden's Centre Party has expelled two of its lay judges for a controversial verdict they made on an assault case that has caused uproar in Sweden. We examine the pros and cons of Sweden's lay judge system in its criminal courts.

We preview the Peter Madsen murder trial which began in Copenhagen, Thursday. He's accused of murdering and dismembering the body of Swedish journalist Kim Wall, who had gone onto the Dane's submarine to write a story about him.

We speak to Ingrid Wall about the memorial fund that she has set up in memory of her daughter, to support young female journalists in their work.

And on International Women's Day, efforts by the government to increase the number of articles about women on Wikipedia have not been welcomed by all.