An electric car from Lund, the world's most brilliant x-rays, Medicon Village, and the downsides of a knowledge economy.

23 min

In this special Easter programme from Malmö and Lund, we look at how the region has turned to high-tech start-up companies to replace departing heavy industry, and ask what's to be done about those left behind.

We meet Lewis Horne, the Australian behind Lund-based car start-up Uniti, which in December unveiled its first vehicle, the Uniti One.

We visit Max IV, the giant, ring-shaped facility on the outskirts of Lund, which produces the world's brightest x-rays, and has cost some SEK 4.5bn. Two years after it opened, is the investment paying off?

When the global pharma giant Astra Zeneca closed down its research and development centre in Lund eight years ago this month, it was seen as bad news for the city. We visit Medicon Village, the science park set up in its old offices and laboratories, which has nearly twice as many people working at it as Astra had.

And finally, we speak to Swedish Radio's Malmö reporter Anna Bubenko and Christer Larsson, Malmö's Director of Planning, about Malmö's own attempts to convert itself into a knowledge economy.

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