Radio Sweden Weekly: Prime Minister Ulf? Flu season coming, refugees take on Kafka

24 min
Lawmakers will vote next week on whether Moderate Party leader Ulf Kristersson should be Sweden's next prime minister.

The speaker of parliament put forward Kristersson as the nation's next leader, but both men acknowledged that Kristersson's election was far from assured. Radio Sweden speaks with political commentator Henrik Torehammar about Kristersson's prospects.

And with the arrival of autumn, that means influensa season can't be far behind. This week, the vaccine became available nationwide in Sweden but do you need get one? We talk to AnnaSara Carnahan, an epidemiologist at the Public Health Agency.

Finally, a group of young refugees will be putting on an adaptation of Franz Kafka's novel "The Trial" and, through it, they'll also be sharing their own stories of life here.

Reporters: Ulla Engberg.