Radio Sweden Weekly: New ambassador against organised crime, hotly debated trial ends, Sweden Democrat MP quits, 2020 Polar Prize winners.

23 min
When Ann Linde read her first foreign policy declaration in parliament, crime and the EU were high on the agenda, while her predecessor's signature area – a feminist foreign policy – only got a brief mention.

Also in politics, Sweden Democrat front figure, migration policy spokesperson Paula Bieler, has resigned as MP and is leaving politics to focus on family, studies and getting a "regular job", but she tells Radio Sweden that she has not ruled out the possibility of taking over as party leader in the future.

In Gothenburg, the acquittal of a former Social Democrat mayor accused of slander has stirred up a heated debate. Was the verdict a victory for democracy and free speech or a justification for politicians' abuse of power?

Finally, find out which international artists nabbed this year's Polar Music Prize, the award that has been trumpeted as the Nobel Prize of music.