Bruce Logan: I blew up the Death Star

40 min

He was the last one to leave the ship in 2001 and then he blew up the Death Star. Cinematographer Bruce Logan has certainly made his work an adventure.

He started his film career in a special way. Very young he was hired by Stanley Kubrick to make special effects in the cult movie 2001 A Space Odyssey. Later Bruce worked with George Lucas on the first Stars Wars movie

Both these movies became cult classics and the career rolled on for Bruce Logan who began his cinematic experiments back home i England. He made animated films in the attic with his first camera while the other children played on the beach.

He met Kerstin Berggren in the ASC building in Los Angeles, the home of Hollywood´s cinematographers and talks about how he shot the opening scene in 2001 and that he actually is the man who in Stars Wars blow up the death star.

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