Het Dj-show med Danny The Dog och Mathildé Bojen

Här finns inget ljud
Dags att liva upp dansgolvet! Vi kör en repris med duon Danny The Dog och Mathildé Bojen som bjuder på bland annat elektronisk R&B, hiphop, trap, R&B och latino rytmer. Gör dig redo för en härlig stämning med massa dans här på P3 Din Gata  Let's go!

Sweater Beats - I Got U
Cristian Dinamarca - Making Moves
Aaliyah - Rock The Boat (Salute Remix)
Moodprint - Boomboxin'
Up To No Good - Don't Call
Sweater Beats - Elves Got That Good Good
Riff Raff - Lil' Mama I'm Sorry (Dave Lux Fix)
Cristian Dinamarca - Oh
Drake - All Me (Stwo Remix)
Ciara - I'm Out (Sweater Beats Bootyleg)
The Weeknd - Or Nah (Stwo Edit)

Jamie Foxx - Winner feat. Justin Timberlake & T.I.
Kalenna - Go To Work feat. Sterling Simms & Wayne Wonder (Remix)
Christina Milian - Woohoo feat. Nicki Minaj
K. MIchelle - For My Birthday
Fantasia - I'm Not That Type
R.Kelly - Fiesta
Jennifer Lopez - Get Right
Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - Thrift Shop feat. Wanz
Eminem - W.T.P.
Skee-Lo - Never Crossed My Mind
KRS-One - MOrtal Thought
Immortal Technique - Freedom Of Speech
Wu-Tang Clan - Clan In The Front
Fat Joe - So Much More
Medina - M-e-d-i-n-a
Beastie Boys - The Move

R. Kelly Snake feat. Big Tigger (Jesse Fellus Funky Drummer Remix)
Sage The Gemini - Gas Pedal feat. Iamsu! (Salva Remix)
Beyonce - Yonce (Electric Bodega Trap Remix)
Busta Rhymes Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See (Jesse Fellus Remix)
Valentino Khan - Deep Down Low (Dapp Retwerk)
Tropkillaz - PLAY IT LOUDER
Diplo - Express Yourself feat. Nicky Da B (Party Favor 'Working Glue' Remix)
Eve - Who's That Girl (Tommy Driker Remix)
Salvatore Ganacci - Hit It From The Back
Yellow Claw - DJ Turn It Up

Owin Y Jack - Va Para Atras feat. El Villano
Reggae Man - Penetra (Leeo RMX)
Dj Yayo - Tira Por Atras (Bajada Mix)
Daddy Yankee - Perros Salvajes
Dj Yayo - Mueve Ese Culo (Mix)
Dj Yayo - Tra Bajando (Mix)
Diplo & Lazerdisk Party Sex - Set It Off (TWRK Remix)
Iggy Azalea - Iggy Szn
Busy P - To Protect And Entertain (Mr. Oizo Remix)
Schlachthofbronx X Sabo X Nadastrom - Negra Linda
Bob Marley & The Wailers - Could You Be Love
J Capri & Charly Black - Whine & Kotch
General Levy - Champignon Body (E.B. smallz 2013 Boombahton Remix)
French Fries - Senta (Moombahton Edit)
Thurz - Gotdamn Gotgamn feat. Cali Martyr (Zooly Remix)
T.W.A.T - What A Twat
Chad Valley - Shell Suit (Cashmere Cat Remix)

Musik som spelats i avsnittet

  • 22.01
    Sweater Beats - I Got U
    Album: I Got U
    Kompositör: Sweater Beats
  • 22.02
    Cristian Dinamarca - Making Moves
    Album: Making Moves
    Kompositör: Cristian Dinamarca
  • 22.05
    Aaliyah - Rock The Boat
    Album: Virgin Sweden Spring Sampler 2002
    Kompositör: Steve Garrett, Eric Seats, Rapture Stewart
    Bolag: Virgin
  • 22.07
    Moodprint - Boomboxin'
    Album: Boomboxin'
    Kompositör: Moodprint
    Bolag: Cold Busted
  • 22.09
    Up To No Good - Don't Call
    Album: Don't Call
    Kompositör: Up To No Good
  • 22.12
    Sweater Beats - Elves Got That Good Good
    Album: Elves Got That Good Good
    Kompositör: Sweater Beats
  • 22.14
    Riff Raff - Lil Mama I'm Sorry (Dave Lux Remix)
    Album: Lil Mama I'm Sorry (Dave Lux Remix)
    Kompositör: Dave Lux
  • 22.17
    Cristian Dinamarca - Oh
    Album: Oh
    Kompositör: Cristian Dinamarca
  • 22.20
    Drake, 2 Chainz, Big Sean - All Me
    Album: Nothing Was The Same
    Kompositör: Aubrey Graham, Anthony Palman, Sean Anderson, Tauheed Epps, Dwane Weir
    Bolag: Universal Music
  • 22.23
    Ciara, Nicki Minaj - I'm Out
    Album: I'm Out
    Kompositör: Ciara Harris, Onika Maraj, Rock City
    Bolag: Epic
  • 22.25
    Ty Dolla Sign, Wiz Khalifa, Dj Mustard - Or Nah
    Album: Or Nah
    Kompositör: Dj Mustard
    Bolag: Atlantic
  • 22.29
    Jamie Foxx, Justin Timberlake, T.I. - Winner
    Album: Best Night Of My Life
    Kompositör: James Fauntleroy, Clifford Harris, Robin Tadross, Justin Timberlake
    Bolag: J Records
  • 22.32
    Kalenna, Sterling Simms, Amps, Wayne Wonder - Go To Work
    Album: Go To Work
    Kompositör: Okänd
  • 22.36
    K. Michelle - For My Birthday
    Album: For My Birthday
    Kompositör: Rock City
  • 22.37
    Fantasia Barrino - I'm Not That Type
    Album: I'm Not That Type
    Kompositör: Babyface
    Bolag: J Records
  • 22.39
    R Kelly, Jay-Z, Boo, Gotti - Fiesta
    Album: Fiesta
    Kompositör: R Kelly
    Bolag: Jive
  • 22.41
    Jennifer Lopez - Get Right
    Album: Get Right
    Kompositör: Rich Harrison
    Bolag: Epic
  • 22.43
    Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Wanz - Thrift Shop
    Album: Thrift Shop
    Kompositör: Ben Haggerty, Ryan Lewis
    Bolag: Ada Nordic
  • 22.45
    Eminem - W.T.P
    Album: Recovery
    Kompositör: Dwayne Chin-Quee, Jason Gilbert, Marshall Mathers, Luis Resto
    Bolag: Aftermath/Interscope Records
  • 22.47
    Skee-Lo - Never Crossed My Mind
    Album: I Wish
    Kompositör: Skee-Lo
    Bolag: Scotti Brothers
  • 22.49
    Krs-One - Mortal Thought
    Album: Return Of The Boom Bap
    Kompositör: L Parker
    Bolag: Jive
  • 22.50
    Immortal Technique - Freedom Of Speech
    Album: Freedom Of Speech
    Kompositör: Felipe Coronel
    Bolag: Viper Records
  • 22.52
    Wu-Tang Clan - Clan In Da Front
    Album: Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)
    Kompositör: Wu-Tang Clan
    Bolag: Rca
  • 22.54
    Fat Joe - So Much More
    Album: All Or Nothing
    Kompositör: Joseph Cartagena, A Lyons, M Valenzo
    Bolag: Atlantic
  • 22.56
    Medina - Medina
    Album: Fullblod
    Kompositör: Thomas Gustafsson, Ali Jammali, Hugo Lira, Sami Rekik
    Bolag: Devrim Productions
  • 22.58
    Beastie Boys - The Move
    Album: Hello Nasty
    Kompositör: Beastie Boys
    Bolag: Capitol
  • 22.59
    R Kelly, Big Tigger - Snake
    Album: Chocolate Factory
    Kompositör: R Kelly
    Bolag: Jive
  • 23.02
    Sage The Gemini, Iamsu, Justin Bieber - Gas Pedal (Remix)
    Album: Gas Pedal
    Kompositör: Justin Bieber, Sudan Williams, Dominic Wynn Woods
    Bolag: Universal Music
  • 23.06
    Beyoncé Knowles - Yoncé (Electric Bodega Remix)
    Album: Yoncé (Electric Bodega Remix)
    Kompositör: Electric Bodega
  • 23.08
    Busta Rhymes, Fabulous Fab - Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See
    Album: Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See
    Kompositör: Darrol Durant, R Monroe, T Smith
    Bolag: Elektra
  • 23.10
    Valentino Khan - Deep Down Low
    Album: Deep Down Low
    Kompositör: Okänd
    Bolag: Owsla
  • 23.14
    Tropkillaz - Play It Louder
    Album: Play It Louder
    Kompositör: Tropkillaz
  • 23.16
    Twrk - Badinga!
    Album: Badinga!
    Kompositör: Twrk
    Bolag: Get Right Records
  • 23.18
    Diplo, Nicky Da B - Express Yourself
    Album: Express Yourself
    Kompositör: Thomas Wesley Pentz, Nickesse T Toney
    Bolag: Mad Decent
  • 23.20
    Eve (Usa) - Who's That Girl
    Album: Let Me Blow Ya Mind
    Kompositör: Kaseem Dean, S Harris, Jay Jackson, Eve Jeffers
    Bolag: Interscope
  • 23.23
    Salvatore Ganacci - Hit It From The Back
    Album: Hit It From The Back
    Kompositör: Emir Kobilic
  • 23.25
    Yellow Claw - Dj Turn It Up (Tightrtraxx & Etc Etc Remix)
    Album: Dj Turn It Up (Tightrtraxx & Etc Etc Remix)
    Kompositör: Yellow Claw
    Bolag: Mad Decent
  • 23.29
    Owin Y Jack - Va Para Atras
    Album: Va Para Atras
    Kompositör: Yael The Beatmaker
    Bolag: Magenta
  • 23.31
    Reggae Man - Penetra
    Album: Penetra
    Kompositör: Okänd
  • 23.34
    Daddy Yankee - Perros Salvajes
    Album: Perros Salvajes
    Kompositör: Musicologo, Menes
    Bolag: El Cartel Records
  • 23.36
    Dj Yayo - Muevan Ese Culo
    Album: Muevan Ese Culo
    Kompositör: Dj Yayo
  • 23.37
    Dj Yayo - Tra Bajando
    Album: Tra Bajando
    Kompositör: Dj Yayo
  • 23.38
    Diplo, Lazerdisk Party Sex - Set It Off
    Album: Express Yourself
    Kompositör: Chad Bechard, Zack Johnson, Thomas Wesley Pentz
    Bolag: Mad Decent
  • 23.39
    Iggy Azalea - Iggy Szn
    Album: Iggy Szn
    Kompositör: The Invisible Men, The Arcade
    Bolag: Virgin
  • 23.40
    Murs, Busy P - To Protect And Entertain
    Album: Ed Rec (3)
    Bolag: Ed Banger Records
  • 23.43
    Schlachthofbronx, Nadastrom, Sabo - Negra Linda
    Kompositör: Schlachthofbronx, Nadastrom, Sabo
  • 23.44
    Bob Marley - Could You Be Loved
    Album: Could You Be Loved
    Kompositör: Bob Marley
    Bolag: Island
  • 23.45
    Charly Black, J Capri - Whine And Kotch
    Album: Whine And Kotch
    Kompositör: Okänd
    Bolag: Head Concussion Records
  • 23.47
    General Levy - Champignon Body (E.B Smallz 2013 Bombathon Remix)
    Album: Champignon Body (E.B Smallz 2013 Bombathon Remix)
    Kompositör: Okänd
  • 23.49
    French Fries - Senta (Moombahton Edit)
    Album: Senta (Moombahton Edit)
    Kompositör: Nader, Rampage, French Fries
  • 23.51
    Thurz, Cali Martyr - Gotdamn Gotdamn (Zooly Remix)
    Album: Gotdamn Gotdamn (Zooly Remix)
    Kompositör: Zooly Thurz, Zooly
  • 23.53
    T.W.A.T - What A Twat
    Album: What A Twat
    Kompositör: T.W.A.T
  • 23.54
    Chad Valley - Shell Suit
    Album: Shell Suit
    Kompositör: Hugo Manuel
  • 23.58
    M.I.A. - Swords
    Album: Swords
    Kompositör: Maya Arulpragasam, Tevin Plaate, Jerry Leembruggen, Ruben Fernhout, Kaushal Sahil, Hirdesh Singh
    Bolag: Universal Music