Safety and politics after Trollhättan school murders

30 min
It's been a week since a young man stabbed two people to death at a school in western Sweden. The attack has raised questions about security in schools and the political atmosphere in this country.

It's Thursday - a week ago to the day since the slayings at Kronan school in the segregated neighborhood of Kronogården in Trollhättan, near Gothenburg. 

Police have determined that racist motives were behind the actions of 21-year-old Anton Lundin Pettersson, when he walked into the school wearing a mask and carrying a sword. Pettersson went on a rampage, stabbing people. He killed a student and an assistant teacher, and later died after the police shot him.

In the aftermath of the stabbings, which some people never predicted would happen in this country, Radio Sweden looks at whether there should be more security at schools here in Sweden, how people are coping with the emotional impact that the attack left in its wake, and whether the political atmosphere in Sweden could be creating room for violent hatred to latch onto.

Presenter: Brett Ascarelli.